Monday, December 15, 2008

We're Not Friends Anymore wows audiences

By Kevin Cortopassi

We're Not Friends Anymore might sound to you like something coming out of the little body of a 7th grader mad at their best friend. But in this sense, We're Not Friends Anymore is a group of very close friends doing what they love.

Mid-way through 2007, We're Not Friends Anymore started as a side-project of the and My Unsaid Everything members.

As My Unsaid Everything split up, We're Not Friends Anymore took on the main focus. In January of this year they recorded their first three songs at Light-ning Studios and put them on their MySpace page.

"I remember the first day we ended up getting like 3,500 plays, it was freaking crazy. I think its funny that those three songs still carry us on till this day," said Mike Çast, a former vocalist of the band, in an email interview.

We're Not Friends Anymore is a band based out of Stockton, California, consisting of: Mariano Lopez, vocalist, Alex Casillas, guitarist, Dom Sacco, guitarist, Ethan Layton, bassist, and Anthony Hampton, drummer.

The style the group has is "happy positive music with raw breakdowns and r&b style vocals," described Casillas. "We've succeeded so much and we've only been a band since February. Also, Mariano's voice is pretty unique," wrote Hampton.

They have a large fan base in the 209, and are starting to expand out of the local area. "It's the most amazing feeling ever when people recognize you and want to take pictures," said Layton.

Right now they are working very hard at Castle Ultimate studios on their self debut EP. "We're putting a lot of work into this and we hope to see it done and pressed soon at the turn of the year. So far it's coming out very well. Five new songs that we would like to share with everyone," Casillas said.

The band is planning on having a tour in spring of 2009 to promote the EP.

"For the readers, listeners, and fans, expect to have more fun, because that's what we are planning. We feel responsible as sending a message out to everyone we know who listens to us because that is what our music really describes. Life and how it continues and how to deal with it. So we're happy to get people's attention," explained Casillas.

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