Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wertz release: just a broken record

By Angelyn Thornton

Matt Wertz is back again with his newest album, Under Summer Sun, which hit stores and iTunes on September 16th. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fully live up to the expectations this time around. Those who have heard his music and have a strong allegiance to his talent, built up from hard work and experience, will find the quality of this latest release somewhat baffling.

Under Summer Sun is a collection of slightly-tweaked old favorites with a sprinkling of newly-minted tracks. These new songs, though undoubtedly crafted with the best of intentions, somehow lack the passion of his earlier work, serving more of a superfluous role rather than providing any sizable contribution. Wertz’s new recordings seem to just fill space on an album that feels haphazardly put together in a rush to be released. (Note: for a Summer titled album, it barely made the season. )

This newest project would have benefited tremendously from a little more patience and care. Wertz would have been better off delaying the release, and taking the time necessary to deliver a polished collection of all-new material. Despite the letdown, there is one track to mention off of this album.

"Keep Faith" shines brightly amid the other, not quite as intriguing new material. With heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies that have become Wertz’s trademark, this song aims to please. With the exception of aforementioned hit, Under Summer Sun is disappointing as a whole.

His older material is wonderful, but let’s save the reprises for the Matt Wertz greatest hits album and give the fans something unexpected. As for the majority of his new stuff, there is simply something missing; that special something behind the music and the lyrics that Wertz has come to be known and appreciated for by his fans. Hopefully, he can regain his soulful powerhouse the next time around. Matt Wertz is currently on tour through November.

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