Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ume entertains with new EP

By Sarah Rutz

Coming at us from Austin, Texas, Ume is a three-piece outfit that’s catching the music scene’s attention. With their brilliantly executed combination of musical instruments and vocals, their new EP continuously entertains listeners, from the beginning of the cd to the very end. Their infectious and unique sound makes it hard for people to not want to move along with it, and the Sunshower EP evokes that feeling excellently.

With five tracks of melodic, driving punk, lead singer Lauren’s voice carries listeners easily from one track to the next, leaving little room for disappointment in the entire EP. It’s a cohesive effort at creating something new for listeners of all types of music—fast paced tracks like “The Conductor” compliment slower tracks like “Sunshower”. The lyrics give all listeners a connection to the band that is often hard to achieve and sometimes even lost with some artists, but Ume keeps everything consistent, clear, and exciting.

The EP is available on iTunes and other digital stores. If you prefer a hard copy, head on over to and purchase it through their merch store, or catch a Ume show and pick one up there.